National Archives Canada Obtain Canadian Armed Forces Personnel file's, application form, guidelines etc.

Veteran Affairs Canada Veterans who have documented their experiences during WW II on video or audio tape with complete text transcript.

Maple Leaf Legacy Project War grave photo's, and information pertaining to project.

Commonwealth War Grave Commission Entering only a name in a search box can obtain Reg. Number, Branch of Armed Forces, Date of death, Parents.

Veterans Voices of Canada a tribute to veterans, beginning with those who served during World War II (1939-1945) and the Korean War (1950-53). Through video production, this project documents historical events and stories of the survivors, both overseas and here in Canada, thus providing a means for veterans to pass on memories of “their personal experiences” in Canada’s military to current and future generations.

Everything World War II The purpose with this web site to add a quality and relevant online resource to the World War II related space; Daily World War II related news. A collection of World War II related stories and features from various news sites and blogs. A collection of World War II battle/campaign maps. A directory of over 2,000 World War II related resources that I have personally reviewed for inclusion.

'44 The Men In The Shed - This the story of 18 Allied Prisoners of War who for a short while (following the D Day landings and Normandy fighting) in 1944 were held in a wooden shed in Normandy.

Mosquito Crash 28 May 1943 / Roll of Honour Two sites created in memory of the Canadian Havilland Mosquito crew; C. K. Chrysler and R. H. Logan. #109 Squadron.

Crash 1940-1945 The Netherlands Ever since 1987 Crash is active with her investigation in the Randstad region (Randstad an area roughly situated between the four big cities in the Western part of the country: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht) which is the main field of the activities. During the war years some 750 planes crashed in this area. The story behind the wrecked parts is the focus for the institution and her work. Because of that the events and artefacts as shown in our museum obtain greater significance, and everything is highlighted in various ways. Our aim is to preserve our cultural heritage.


RCAF 6 Group Bomber Command From January 1, 1943 to May 8, 1945, the Canadian 6 Group as part of RAF Bomber Command, launched more than 40,000 sorties over enemy held territory, sometimes with grievous losses.

51 Squadron This site is dedicated to the brave men and women of 51 Squadron, 4 Group Bomber Command. To those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, we say Thank You.

419 Moose Squadron (RCAF) Recollections and photos of those who served in the 419 Moose Squadron during World War Two.

420 Snowy Owl Squadron .

425 Alouette Squadron .

427 Lion Squadron Has a proud history since November, 1942 when it was first formed. As an Association of former Lions our objective is to ensure that the exploits experienced as well as the sacrifices made by Squadron members are shared and acknowledged.

Beer is Best - Dedicated to the crew of Halifax Bomber "Beer is Best" of 433 Squadron RCAF and all the Allied Aircrews of WW II.

RAF Bomber Command 1939-1945 A message board related to the RAF, RAAF, RCAF, RNAF and others.

12 O'Clock High A message board related to Axis and Allied Airforces.

North Yorkshire Moors Aircraft crashes in and around the North Yorkshire Moors, England.

Airwar over Denmark This home page is established to commemorate the Allied and German flyers that flew over Denmark during the Second World War and in some cases lost their lives in Denmark and the surrounding seas. Some of the airmen came down in Denmark, but quite a few were washed ashore on the Danish coast after having crashed into the sea.

Frisian War Time History 626 Squadron 626 Squadron 1944-1945 and a history of Friesland Allied bomber losses in WW2

Canadian Military Aircraft Decals Online source for hundreds of aftermarket decals designed exclusively for Canadian military aircraft models in all scales, comprehensive reference books detailing the finish and markings used on Canadian military aircraft, and much more.

Classic Warbirds Bringing vintage aircraft to life


Comox Airforce Museum

Bomber Command Museum of Canada The museum's site on Lancasters, Nose-Artists, Airmen, photos, and upcoming events.

GMAM Greenwood Military Aviation Museum - "To acquire and display artifacts which illustrate the roles performed by military aviation in Atlantic Canada, particularly those originating from Greenwood." 434 Squadron's last airfield before being "Stood Down" was in Greenwood N.S.

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CherylKTardif Canadian Mystery Author. Current book "Whale Song" listed as best seller on, also interesting article's on book publishing, and writing.