Aircrews from 434 Squadron were involved in numerous air-to-air combats, subsequently a number of enemy aircraft were destroyed or damaged. Officially there had to be another witness other then the individual making the claim.
Unfortunately 434 did not escape these enemy engagements without suffering losses of their own, they would return with a damaged aircraft, dead or wounded members. Crew 152 and WL-P (NG-497) were attacked by a night-fighter on 21 Feb. 1945, Mu-Ag F/Sgt. J.H. Taggert was seriously injured, and the W/Op P/O H.A. Davey was killed. Photo; Courtesy Collection Harder family (F/L John Worthington Harder - also see "The Men in the Shed"). 

Below may have typos, I have the documents for all listed. There are numerous configurations when working with a spreadsheet, you will notice 84 lines, this is not indicative of 84 combats - two names may appear on one report as both fired thier weapons.

RAir gunner; Rear

MUAir gunner; Mid-Upper

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    This page contains photo's and a number of full "Combat Reports" typed from original documents, this will give you an idea of content in these reports.