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434 Squadron Crew Roster & Honors / Awards (PDF's)

  • Download files for the Crew Roster, Honours & Awards.

  • Pilot / Crew #'s Missions flown are documents from National Archives Canada, lists; pilot, crew number, missions flown and dates. Note: A few pilot's with crew # are missing, this is due to the pilot being KIA on his "Second Dickey" flight,  or missing and may have become a POW. The remainder of the crew would be absorbed into other crews, maybe even reposted to another squadron. Here are a list of crews falling into that category; 29 Betts, 33 Mallory, 39 F.A. Bartlett, 42 Reynolds, 45 Hallas, 66 McClure, 73 Bannister, 77 McPherson, 82 Thicke, 123 Todhunter, 166 Fisher.
  • See crew 73 for an example, Sgt. Walter Edwards (pilot Bannister became a POW on 2nd dickey flight) went onto complete 21 missions with Flewelling crew 23, and a number of other pilots, eventually completing 30+ missions.
  • The PDF is printer friendly, with search engine (binoculars icon).