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March 1st update

Hi All,

Added numerous images, including resizing of a lot of old ones - still plenty to resize. I edited a note in the "Personnel Download" page. There are 11 crews where the pilot did not complete a mission, example he may have failed to return from a 2nd dickey flight, therefore the remaining crew would be absorbed into other crews or reposted to another squadron.

Here is some negative thoughts on this site; I don't like the formatting specific to text and spacing, scrolling too much, can't center main image on any page once a thumbnail is clicked on, still a lot of images to resize. Would like to reformat entire site, and lastly I have a lot of images that still need to be added - too far behind :(


Tidying up site

A number of in-site links were broken with the reformatting so I have either removed or disabled. Links to "off sites" were also disabled if those web site owners had issues. Example Richard Koval's site "RCAF 6 Group" is down - he is looking for another server.

Recently purchased all 434 squadron ORB's in Pdf from National Archives U.K. much better quality than the Canadian Archive microfilm scans.

Added close to 50 images past month. I figure there are close to 120 crews represented by a group or an individual photo. Also added two new sections in Navigation bar; BCATP - these are images submitted by individuals showing training in Canada or Overseas. There are a lot of class and group images, so I'm trying to figure out the best way display.

The other section is Image ID Help; I'll be posting images in hopes that some faces will be recognized.

Till next time Seasons Greetings from LAC Frank Butler his cake "Bluenose" Schooner, and me.


Update 20 Oct 2013 - Aircrew and Individual galleries merged.

The "Individual" gallery was getting too large to manage in web site, a lot of dragging and dropping so I had to reduce the number of individuals/crews into blocks of 10.

In "Air Crew 1 - 178" each crew picture is followed by images of individuals whom served with that crew. One page has 10 crews, each crew consists of 1 group photo and 7 airmen (If available).

All crews remain in chronological order of becoming Operational 1943 through to 1945.

Should you wish to submit photos please "contact me" first (left side near bottom navigation menu), I'll reply with an email. Jpg images are preferred at a minimum of 300k.



Reformatting site

Hi All

Working on reformatting the site, increasing size of images to approx 700 pixels wide. When submitting photos the ideal jpg size would be approx 500k. Added new banner, took out some of the hovering colors. Being I'm getting old and wear glasses now, I had to increase the font size.

Cheer's, Alan


Register / Members / Forum

I have added a "Register' page, once you register then you will be able to sign in by clicking on "Members". This will give you access to post in the forums.