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Moments before impact...

Druett’s witness statements mention that just prior to his bailing out of the a/c he saw Clarence Soderstrom approaching him at the port exit with his parachute. Druett jumped, and upon his chute opening he looked at the a/c and seen it turn onto it’s right side, thus making it impossible for Clarence to escape out the port (left) exit.

Halifax bomber LK- 801 coded WL-D crashed on the southern outskirts of Ruurlo, the aircraft continued to burn after impact, a report noted that 95% of the a/c was destroyed. The Germans arrived shortly afterwards and began to sift through the wreckage, finding the remains of one airman in the forward section of the a/c.

"Dutch Underground" smuggles three evader's...

A local farmer, Fritz Engels whom worked for the "Dutch Underground" informed Jack Druett (while in hiding) that the Germans had found a body and was buried in Ruurlo General Cemetery . It is unknown if Fritz witnessed the body being removed from the a/c, or the burial.

On the 25th June, Edward "Jack" Druett, and Cliff Wentworth were transported via train through enemy territory to " The Hague " Belgium , receiving identity papers and photos. A few more trips and almost 2 months later on the 19th of September they were turned over to American troops. Upon arrival back in England they were interviewed. 

*A third airman from another crew from the same raid also joined this duo for thier escape and evasion.